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Guicciardini book page 5-II

Guicciardini book page 5-IItrey, the which discharge themselves into the Sea: namely the Rhine, the Meuse,the Schelde Ha, Ems, besides divers other, which shall bee described hereafter in order.

The Rhine riseth out of the Mount Adula, (commonly called the Mountaine of S. Godart,) with two fountaines. And out of the fame mountaine rise also, the Rivers of Rosne, Tesin, & Rus. So that within the Compasse of lesse than ten Italian miles, you shall see (not without great admiration) foure famous Rivers to arise, the which in the forme of a Crosse, take their waies and course dirversie, toward the foure partes of the world.

The two Fountaines of the Rhine, unite them selves togither, foure leagues above the Cyttye of Cur in Swisserland. But at Lobic in Guelderland, the Rhine parteth it selfe againe into two streames, the greater of the which, namely, the left streame, taketh his course to the West, and from thenceforth is called Wael. With the which at Heruerden meeteth the Meuse, and suddenly they part againe, neither river losing his name: and in this sort take their course apart, till they runne to Louvestain, where againe they ioyne, and there the Wael loseth his name, as in the description of the Meuse shall be declared more at large.

The lesser branch of the Rhine: namely the right, neere to Arnem in Guelderland, divideth it selfe

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